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Price List


The following price list is meant as a general  guide and actual prices may vary. We try to make our prices as fair as possible,  and once a price has been agreed upon by buyer and Blue Moon, the price will not change. We sometimes have (on very rare occasions) older chins available at special pricing. And we will reduce pricing for multiple purchases! :)

Kits are priced between $85 to $400 (standard to darkest violet wraps) depending on colour, quality, and sex. The average cost of a kit being around $150. When a kit is available we will post all it's info, weight, sex, colour, price, quality (Breeder or Pet Only), and of course it's picture. We do offer discounted pricing on multiple kit purchases. Discounts vary based on whether all kits being purchased are the same sex or not. Discounted pricing ranges between 10-25% off total of all kits being purchased. This discount also applies to people who have previously purchased a kit from us and who now want another.

Every kit sold here at Blue Moon Chinchillas comes with a health guarantee till the age of 1year.(unless otherwisestated at time of sale) If the chinchilla  dies due to genetic defect (such as heart problems, or maloclusion). Upon receiving veterinary necropsy report that it was in fact a genetic defect that caused the chinchilla to die; we will gladly replace the chin with a chinchilla of equal or greater value and of the same color (or colour agreed upon by both Blue Moon and the Buyer). If the color in question will not be available for a lengthy period of time, we reserve the right to substitute color with a chin of a different color (of course you can refuse the proposed color and wait till a kit is born that is the same color as the one you originally purchased) but still of equal value or of greater value.
Blue Moon Chinchillas is  however "NOT" responsible for veterinary or shipping costs .When you purchase a chinchilla from Blue Moon Chinchillas it is understood  and agreed by you (the buyer) that you accept full responsibility to maintain the chinchilla's health and well being including veterinary care & costs that may arise regardless of heridetary illness, disease or other illness, disease, or injury once in your possession. We are also not responsible for the chin should it become ill or die while being shipped, for this reason any kit leaving via plane is insured through Air Canada and claims in regards to such will be made to Air Canada in the event (highly unlikely but better safe than sorry) something should go wrong while in flight to the buyer. Buyer is responsible to pay the small fee for such insurance (about $5 for $500 worth of insurance). Please note we will NOT ship any chin without this insurance being applied to the flight!

Please contact us for availability of baby chins. All babies come with a Blue Moon Chinchilla care package, which consists of care booklet or CDR for first time chinchilla owners, birth certificate, purchase certificate, Health Guaranty till the age of 1 year.   1 week worth of  Chinchilla Pellets to make an easy change over to the feed you plan to use.  Contact Us

The kit will also come with a registry number and be registered with The Canadian Chinchilla Registry (a volunteer registry not regulated by government;our pet project ; conducting research for how many chins are in Canada by attempting to register them.) 

You will also receive a free Blue Moon Chinchilla Logo iron on patch.
(picture of patch coming soon...)
T-shirts with your new chinnie's photo or Blue Moon Logo. T-shirts are also available for sale (choose from any one of the prints below)sizes avaialble are small, medium, large, and extra large. They can also be in toddler sizes from 12mths to 6X, children sizes 7-14. Prices are $16.00 adult sizes and $12.00 for toddler & children. The print is on white cotton t-shirts only. ( Pics of these t-shirt prints coming soon).

Coming soon!
Blue Moon Chinchilla Coasters!
Set of 4; each coaster with a different chinnie pic on it, coasters are made of wood, and will come heart shaped, square, or star shaped.  Each set will be $13.50 +shipping and handling. Coasters can be personalized with your new kits pics! As well as your name, for $1.50 more.
Pics of the set will be posted here soon!

WARNING: Chinchillas are highly addictive! :)