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On this page I've included a list of links to other pet-related web sites I enjoy. From here you can also link to our banner swap page.


We feed our chins Mazuri pellets; you can order Mazuri pellets from the following Pet Supply store in Ontario. They will ship via Purolator. A 25lb bag costs just under $18 plus taxes & shipping, but well worth it.
Ren's Feed and Supply Ltd.
4002 Trafalgar Rd.
Oakville, ONT L6J 4Z2
Phone: (905) 257-4611
Fax: (905) 257-4614
We also feed our chins, Calf Manna supplement which is shipped in from B.C. through: Canadian Exotic pets (operated by Pam Snider who also is an excellent artist. You can commision paintings & drawings of your cherished pets from her as well as order chin supplies).


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Click the book, to download a free e-book on chinchilla care, courtesy of Huggable Pets (Chin Breeder in the U.S.)

Timmins City Dog Pound; please open your hearts and homes to the wonderful pets that wait there to be loved and to love you! The site has other animal links as well.

Noaws; a Northern Ontario site listing pets for adoption.

Buddy Dogs located in Sudbury Ontario.

Open your heart to a pet in need,
And it will be filled with eternal love!

Give an animal a chance at happiness, adopt a pet.
Please make informed choices before adopting any animal. So you are sure you can give it a responsible, forever home.

Here is one of the most and best informative chinchilla sites I have ever found on the net, please check it out and learn about chins before deciding on purchasing a baby, thank you!

More links:


This link provides numerous links to Ontario pets for adoption

No-Kill Animal Shelters List


ChinWorld Link

This link will bring you to a site that offers chin care info

Blue Moon Chinchillas is a member of Chins&Quills you can join too...the site offers chin info, and online chat for all chin lovers!


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