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If you are seriously interested in a kit shown in our Nursery and wish to purchase a kit please fill out our questionaire. All fields are mandatory. We hope you understand the questions are to find good homes for our babies. We spend a lot of time with each kit from the time it is born and get attached to each one, so letting go is easier if we know more about where our babies are going! Thank you!

1.Are you looking for a pet or breeding stock?* Pet
Either one is ok
2.Why do you want a chinchilla/what attracted you to them?*
3.Have you previously/currently owned a chinchilla?*
4.What is your age? *
5.If you are under the age of 18 is your parent/guardian supportive & aware of your decision, and ready to accept responsibility for the chin(s) if you cannot for any reason?*
6.Are there children in the household? If so, what are their ages? *
7.Who will be responsible for feeding, watering, and veterinary expenses? *
8.What diet (brand of product) will you be feeding your chinchilla?*
9. Do you have any other pets? What are they? *
10. Have you researched chinchillas and feel confident you have learned what you need to properly care for a chinchilla? *
11.How many hours per day will you devote to your chin(s)*
12. Does anyone in your home have allergies to: *Animals
Fine Dust
Pine Shavings
Other wood bedding products.
A combination of more than 1 of these.
13.Where will your chinchilla be housed? And what type/size of cage will be used, will he/she get regular free run time in a chinnie safe room?*
14.We reserve the right to refuse sale to anyone we feel may not be a suitable home, and may use this right regardless of deposit being received or not. If we refuse sale after receiving deposit your deposit will be returned. However if you choose to cancel the sale after deposit is received you forfeit the entire deposit. Do you understand and agree to these terms?*
15.You understand any kit sold as "Pet Only" with no pedigree is "NOT" to be used for breeding and you agree it will NEVER be used for such purposes.*
16.Name or number of kit you are interested in:
17.What is your email address where we can contact you about the kit(s) you are interested in?*
18.Where are you located?*

Please email us with your questions and requests, if you want to be placed on our waiting list, please email your name, location, preferred sex of chin and color you are looking for...we will answer all emails within 48 hours and let you know where you are on our list.
Click the link below to email us:
:( we have noticed to our horror that some of the adds the server has posted pertain to fur coats....Blue moon Chinchillas in no way supports the fur industry, please do not buy fur items, animals are meant to be enjoyed alive!


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