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Blue Moon Chinchillas


We love our Chins, and so will you!!!

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We are a small hobby breeder of pet chinchillas located in Northern Ontario. We occasionally have babies available to approved homes. Our chins live with us in our home; in fact in our living room! Where they get plenty of attention and love. They are also allowed daily playtime outside of their cage. We selectively breed our chins 2-3 times per year, and never back breed. Our goal is to produce happy, healthy chins that you and your family can enjoy for years to come.
Chinchillas make wonderful lifelong pets, they can live up to 20 yrs+ in captivity. They do not smell or carry an odor like other small animals such as a hamster, guinea pig, or rabbit. They make soft sounds, however can be quite noisy bouncing around and off of the cage!!! They are freindly and easily tamed, and are not known to bite, if your chin bites you, it's because you have really hurt him, or scared the bejeebees out of it!!! They don't bite hard if by chance you did something to force your chin to react this way. Chins do well alone with lots of human attention, but they are herd animals and your chin would be happier with a mate. Either the same sex or not, preferably a pair that are related(brother/brother, sister/sister, mother/daughter ect... We offer a discounted price on same sex pairs. Please inquire about these discounts if you are interested in any of our babies.(when we have babies available)


What's New?

Please check back often, as we update regularly, thank you for visiting Blue Moon Chinchillas. :)

Sept/10/2003 - Started writing site and adding new photos.

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WARNING: Chinchillas are highly addictive!:)

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