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** We love our chins, and so will you! **
Past Kits

This page is to litterally show off kits born here at Blue Moon Chinchillas! lol

Blue Moon's Houdini (female)
Pastel kit born May 25th 2004

Houdini was born around 6 am on May 25th 2004. Her mommy is Sable(TOV homo Beige) and her daddy is Mr. Tickles (Medium Tan). Houdini is a pastel kit, and now lives with her new mommy (Shannon B.) in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. She is a very curious and active little kit and weighed 51 grams at birth and 271 grams when she went to her new home Aug 1st 2004. She was named Houdini because she escaped the cage at 30 hours old! It took 3 hours to find the little devil! lol

Cookies&Creme now "Fauna&Flora"
Reverse Mosaic P-EBC & Pink White P-EBC females born Sept 13, 2004

Flora & Fauna's parents are Mr. Tickles( md. tan male) & Cricket(hetero pink white female) They now live in Toronto with Elmer A. and a few dogs and roughly 60 other chinchillas!!! Their dad Mr. Tickles lives with them but in his own cage. :)

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"God bless the little children and the helpless animals of the earth"